As members of a community, we all have things in common whether it’s special interests, such as music, sports, the arts, reading, travel, our education or training, religious beliefs, business or political affiliation or loved ones, families and friends these are the ties that bind us.

Life’s journey, however, does have a beginning and an end. Death or the loss of a loved one is something we all have in common at different times in our lives and under a variety of circumstances. To help each of us cope at this most difficult time, there are trained professionals, as well as rituals designed to comfort and assist the bereaved.

Nevertheless, because of our similarities and tendencies, sharing our commonalities, special interests, and yes, even our grief and loss can be an important tool in life’s journey. That is why, Griefsharing™ A Social Network For The Bereaved, has been established to allow you to safely share your intimate stories and insight that may help you and others find a pathway to healing and happiness.