Musical Memories

    When we are struggling with grief, music is a wonderful tool that can lift us up, take us out of our current mood, and transport us to another time and place.

    Musical Memories

    When we are struggling with grief, music is a wonderful tool that can lift us up, take us out of our current mood, and transport us to another time and place.

    Musical Memories

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    In honor of my childhood friend Scottie Heath in your passing this past week at only age 53.
    You were a John Lennon fan with your fav. song “Imagine” played by your work buddy Shawn and childhood friend Rosie at the Celebration of your life lived.

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    My Grandfather

    My grandfather would sing this song to me as a child. Even now when I hear it, I remember those moments.

    The Highway Men

    The Highway Men reminds me of driving to Toronto in the summer months with my family. My father was a big fan – we listened to it over and over.

    For Rebecca

    This song really helped me get through my sister’s passing.

    Motivational Music

    During my early days, music was very motivational. One song that stood out was “A Day in the Life,” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967).

    My Favourite Tune - Walk on Fire

    Just like a rollin’ stone
    I’m outside lookin’ in
    But if your chance came would you take it
    Where on earth do I begin
    I’m Mandy fly me
    I’ve often heard her jingle
    It’s never struck a chord
    With a smile as bright as sunshine
    She called me through the poster

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