Coping with the Loss of a Friend

    My friend. We shared so much of our lives. I could not believe my friend had died. We had such a special relationship, most would not understand. It's amazing what I took for granted.

    Coping with the Loss of a Friend

    I could not believe that my friend had died. In life, friendships like ours are rare. We had experienced so much together and I had taken for granted that we always would.

    Coping with the Loss of a Friend

    Birch was a special friend who we have known for many yearsHis children and our children grew up together and were all very close. For all those 50 and plus years we kepted seeing each other and having fun. In later years Birch Sheila Peggy and I would make sure to meet for dinner or lunch whenever we visited the city.. He was a buddy and friend at all times and we are sorry to see him go. He well be missed.

    Prof. Emeritus

    Raoul was an exemplary academic supervisor. He supervised my field research in Iceland (1970-72). He was a remarkable patient man who strove to have everyone’s capacities extolled. He was always in my mind for that reason alone. Fare well, my friend, as you journey through the afterlife!

    Condolences to Tom and the family on the loss of a loving and compassionate individual. Experiences in St. Anthony and in St. John’s in health care settings and in the community recalled with great appreciation.
    Rest in peace.
    Grace and Bill Bavington


    Condolences to all the families! Sorry for your loss! Rest In Peace!

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of one of my school friends Evelyn Clarke. We were in the same grade throughout the years at St. Philips. She was one of my favorite friends. As we finished school she went her way to Toronto and I followed my husband through his military career. We did however cross paths again many years later. I looked forward to January when she always came home to visit her Mom and made her Mom so happy. Her mom has since passed so Evelyn had seen her through her long life. They were a beautiful family and faced tragedies head on. My condolences to her family and may she rest easy.

    To the Bishop family
    Our sincere condolences on your loss.I grew
    up on Cabot st. and Jack was a memorable part of that growing up.He taught me how to play many sports.on many occasions he would take me to deliver milk as he did with other kids on the street.I still have a Sunshine milk bottle which always reminds me of Jack.He was a good friend and an even better person.Wishing his family all the best.
    John(junior) and Edwina Comerford

    Ruby King was a best friend to my mom and dad, Meta and Les Dawe, both predeceased Her. How many delicious meals she cooked for my family and me when we visited from where ever in the world we happened to live when we went home to Newfoundland. She was a wonderful friend, a great cook, a magical person who loved to play the piano and sing to all who visited. She was loved by so many and will be sorely missed by friends and family. Mavis Benz (Dawe/White) 💞

    Condolences to all family and friends of Nelson (of which there are untold numbers)I first met Nelson possibly about 40 odd years ago,when he lived in the Newtown area,now Mt Pearl.We shared time over the years,to get together to for a coffee and chat-although its been a couple of years since we last met-talking about a mystery WW2 briefcase– which i have,and some older books. All the best. GOD BLESS.All Jim/wife Nelia Campbell (-EX RCAF)St. John’s NL.


    My friend Jonathan died. He was a golden boy full of inspiration. He was a dreamer. I am deeply saddened by his loss and the idea that I will never see his light shining again. He inspired me to do better work and to think about things differently.
    I shall miss you Jonathan. You were a great friend and I feel your loss profoundly. You were a bright center in a turning world.

    Condolences to All family and many friends of Rose. i first met Rose, and Tom; previously meeting several members of her family,while i in the RCAF. at Torbay. After the RCAF in early 1960’s myself and several other friends /relatives,in St John’s started a weekly card game, including Rose’s husband John.and three other guys with first name John.All the ladies called us the four weekly John’s. These games carried on for a number of years,but our friendship lasted up until the present time.with me being the only survivor. Many many great memories .God Bless,and all the best. Jim/Nelia Campbell St John’s NL>

    RIck's Death

    I can remember the day, time, and the exact circumstance when my good friend passed away – over 30 years ago. It’s amazing how some moments in your life get etched into your memory.

    As teenagers, we had a tight group of friends, we did everything together. Got in trouble, helped each other out, you name it. When Rick got in a terrible car accident, we were all concerned. But, not to the point of thinking he would die. Rick spent weeks in hospital, fighting internal injuries. We all thought he would be fine. We visited him in hospital without consideration for the gravity of the situation.

    It wasn’t until that day we got the news – October 5, 1995 at 12:30 in the afternoon, that it became real. That was the time Rick passed away. We were all together, doing what we loved to do, but Rick was in a hospital bed surrounded by his family, taking his last breaths.

    It took a long time to get over that moment, the guilt we all felt for not being there with him. The pain we all felt for losing someone so close to us at such a young age. The understanding that our group would forever be less one. It took a long time before I was able to talk about how I felt, the remorse, the guilt. I would look back at the moments we shared as friends, it’s only now as an adult that I understand how important these moments were.

    What got us through that tough summer, and the seasons to follow, was our friendship. We regularly visited Rick’s parents and I think this helped. Now, as a father of my own three children, I share this story with them, in hope the understand how precious life is, and how valuable it is never take a moment for granted.

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