Coping with Loss of a Sibling

    When I heard the news my sibling had died, I thought it was a mistake. It was not possible. Our family was not prepared for such news. The emotions of that moment will never be forgotten.

    Coping with Loss of a Sibling

    I remember thinking that there must have been a mistake. They said my sibling was dead. It was the first time that I saw my father cry.

    Coping with the Loss of a Sibling


    I lost my wonderful, beautiful sister Janice age 65 last August to heart disease & type 2 diabetes. She was the first of 6 children to die, although I lost a little brother Bobby @ age 5 mos on my second birthday on August 27 1949. Oh my I only just realized that they both died in August, what a coincidence. I don’t remember any thing about my brother as I was only about 18 mos of age when mom had him.

    Pauline Brushett Ms.

    I’m the youngest of the Smith girls. My oldest sister was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2018. My sister was 6 years older. My family called a meeting I knew something terrible was happening. I moved to Alberta just over year prior to news. My husband and I had many memories going foxtrap to see family; to eat Christmas together. So after we got news we decided to go home to NFLd to be with my sister. She was in good spirits but physically the cancer had hit her hard. I didn’t know if I could do this again. Just laid my young spouse to rest. My sister very nauseated from radiation. We met with cancer doctor hoping she could beat this. The cancer was in her leg so she wasn’t able to walk; get in our bed. So I bought her a recliner chair. Some days seemed good we would go to beach at Topsail. We had huge Easter gathering from a turkey to treats to ice cream. Bought low calorie ice cream for sis. About only thing she could eat. Left went to Mary’s town with 2nd oldest sister for a couple of nights to give my 81 year old mother a better place to sleep. We even moved by sister back on peachy town so rent wouldn’t be expensive for PJ my nephew. Coming back she wasn’t much better. A couple days before we left. My third oldest sister bought a new washer and dryer for family. They needed it. So Mom, my sister, and myself return to Alberta. My mom and I had couple nights in hotel before we came back. We were home about three weeks when my niece called and my second oldest sister flew back to St. John’s. By this time my oldest sister was in Miller Center. Unfortately, is wasn’t providential. My sister passed May 24, 2018. Always miss you!


    I am the oldest of 8, my sister and my nephew died in a house fire way back in 1983, the my mom shortly after, than my dad on Christmas Eve 1995. than I lost Three brothers in succession , than just after my youngest brother pass, my beloved niece died from cancer. All of these people died with Cancer except my sister and nephew who died in the fire. All younger than me, I can’t get over it all, I cry every day of my life. I don’t understand why I am still here.

    Public Trustee

    Traditionally when a loved one passes away, there are family members and friends who will step forward to care for the deceased and look after his or her funeral service. However, on a rare occasion some people will die alone, the body will be placed in the morgue and it will be the responsibility of the Medical Examiner to hold the remains and eventually decide what to do.

    After several weeks and the remains is still not claimed, an application to the Supreme Court can be made to have the Public Trustee appointed to look after the deceased’s estate and funeral service. The Public Trustee will then contact a local funeral home.

    Recently when contacted by the Public Trustee, there was very little information available about the deceased other than a name and address. But thanks to a familiar last name common to a specific community served by the Funeral Home and the resourcefulness of a parish priest the burial site of the deceased’s father was located.

    Following cremation a short funeral notice was placed in the weekend edition of the local paper informing the community of the deceased’s recent death and the location of a graveside committal service where the deceased’s urn would be placed with the father.

    The small notice caught the eye of family members who had simply lost contact with the deceased for many years but were very grateful to learn of the burial plans for their loved one. The importance of even a simple graveside prayer service cannot be overstated. It brings family members together to reflect on their past while paying tribute to their loved one even after several years of not knowing where they had gone. It also allows them to grieve their loss and keep their loved one in their hearts forever.

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