Obituaries and Funeral Notices

Few experiences in life ask more from us physically and emotionally than the loss of a loved one through death. Intense emotions, bewilderment, confusion, a sense of total abandonment overwhelm us at such a time. This, in itself, seems more than one can bear when one is confronted with a whole new set of problems.

  • Sally Lou Le Messurier September 26th, 2017 MORE
  • Michael Joseph Quilty September 25th, 2017 MORE
  • Velma Myrtle King Young September 19th, 2017 MORE
  • Pearl Samson September 16th, 2017 MORE
  • Herbert Allan Hudson September 15th, 2017 MORE
  • Freeman James Paul September 15th, 2017 MORE
  • Elizabeth Blythe September 15th, 2017 MORE
  • Cynthia Evelyn “Cyndi” Meaney September 14th, 2017 MORE
  • Patricia Delaney September 14th, 2017 MORE
  • Rita Abbott September 7th, 2017 MORE
  • Gertrude Louise Miller September 7th, 2017 MORE
  • Hubert Ash September 3rd, 2017 MORE
  • Cyril O'Driscoll September 2nd, 2017 MORE
  • John Wayne Hiscock September 2nd, 2017 MORE
  • Henry Gerard Lee September 2nd, 2017 MORE
  • Marjorie Reid September 2nd, 2017 MORE
  • Adonzel English September 1st, 2017 MORE