Grief and Bereavement Services

Eastern Health


Individual Counselling

This is offered by Rev. Dr. Peter Barnes, a certifiec counsellor, or by referral to an Eastern Health Postoral Care Clinician or Social Worker

Grief and Bereavement Information

Grief and bereavement sessions are available to the general public as well as to health care professionals. This 2 hour session describes the grieving process and provides information on what to do during your time of grief. (No registration required)

Grief and Bereavement Information and Support Group

This program consists of 8 sessions offered by trained staff and volunteers and is open to people grieving the loss of a loved one. (Registration is required).

Support Group

They are held in the community and facilitated by volunteers. At present these include: Compassionate Friends; Survivors of Suicide, and Spousal Support (No Registration is required)

For More Information Please Contact

Rev. Dr. Peter Barnes
Regional Bereavement Coordinator
Tel: 709-777-2167 or 777-8972