Canadian Cancer Society

What is cancer?

Did you know that cancer isn’t one disease but more than 100? And depending how you classify cancer, you could even say that there are more than 200 types.

All types of cancer start in our cells. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells grouped together to form tissues and organs such as muscles, bones, the lungs and the liver. Genes inside each cell tell it when to grow, work, divide and die. Normally, our cells follow these instructions and we stay healthy. But sometimes the instructions get mixed up, causing our cells to grow and divide out of control or not die when they should. As more and more of these abnormal cells grow and divide, they can form a lump in the body called a tumour.

Finding support groups

The Canadian Cancer Society Newfoundland and Labrador Division offers adult support groups for people living with cancer in many communities across our province. Trained volunteers lead educational and informal discussions to help people who have cancer and their caregivers. The types of groups available in each area may vary.

Currently, we have groups operating in:

  • Eastern Region
    Call toll-free 1-888-753-6520 for more information.
  • Central Region
    Call toll-free 1-866-545-9534 for more information.
  • Western Region
    Call toll-free 1-866-545-9533 for more information.

Prostate Cancer Support

The Prostate Cancer Support Group of Newfoundland and Labrador offers support for men living with prostate cancer. Visit their website to find a meeting near you.

Breast Cancer Support

You do not have to face the challenges of breast cancer alone. Throughout Newfoundland and Labrador there are many services available, such as peer support programs and support groups, to connect you with women who have been through a similar experience.

  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation NL Chapter or 1-866-273-2223.
  • Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada
    1-888-778-3100 for more information about support groups in your area.


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